Carletto (aka Charles) Billich


Carletto ( Charles ) Billich

‘Art is the universal language. Art is the catalyst that transcends obstacles in global understanding.’



Billich is a surreal veteran who has won many ideological battles; so controversial yet able to disarm all critics with an inexhaustible volcano of creative yet intelligent ideas.

Billich believes in a plethora of inspirations, mines past cultures to produce the futuristic, listen to a broad range of theorists and amalgamates realities with his phantasmagorical inventions. His art has substance and functionality. It treats the eye as an extension of intelligence.

Billich respects and derives from a broad public, his public. Now Billich is engaging in the renaissance of the time-honored craft of wall and floor tapestry.

Billich has put all his faith in Choix Naturel and revels in the new format that makes his artwork morph into new dimensions.