Choix Naturel is proudly the world pioneer in alpaca carpeting and rugs.


Our story begins high in the Andes, over 3000 metres above sea level, is home to most of the world's population of alpaca. These treasured animals are scarce in numbers with only an estimated 4 million alpaca, as compared to the estimated world population of over 450,000,000 cashmere goats and 1,200,000,000 sheep.


Alpaca roam free here and are lovingly cared for by our local farming partners. They are skilfully shorn by sharp knife or clippers, and never by mechanical shearing combs and cutters.


The fibres are still hand-classed by sight and feel to separate by thickness (micron), length and shade; a time-honoured skill set passed on from mother to daughter for countless generations.


Honouring these centuries-old traditional methods of gathering and processing the fibre, embracing all its features and benefits, and with over 18 years of passion, Ryszard (Rick) Gliniecki’s arduous research and development in yarn to finished products as made him the world expert in this product.


Our story is continually driven by belief and pure passion.